When to Expect Results

Towards the end of last week I was having a discussion with Mike about how long it takes to start seeing results from regularly exercising and changing eating habits. I knew it wasn’t an overnight thing but I thought by the end of week three I would be at least seeing or feeling something – maybe my clothes would feel slightly loser or  1kg lighter but instead NOTHING.  I expressed my frustration to Mike and he said lots of people feel this way at the beginning. They think that after a few weeks of hard work the weight will start to melt away but in reality it’s a different story. Usually it takes four weeks for peoples bodies to start changing, eight weeks for them to start noticing that change and twelve weeks for friends and family to notice the changes. This statement both annoyed me at how long it takes as well as reassured me I was normal.

So many people have a misconception of exercise and how fast their bodies change. In todays world we are constantly getting bombarded with messages telling us how to exercise and eat healthy – quick fixes to change the years of body neglect and abuse. However a quick fix is not the answer to stay fit and healthy as I’ve learnt.  I guess that’s why I thought I would be seeing some significant results by now. In my previous posts I have talked about how I am seeing improvements with my weight levels and recovery time that has given me a little taste of what is to come in the future. But like most people I wanted to see physical body changes before it felt like I was getting any results, however from what I have learnt this week it is not always the case. That’s what I love about Mint – I am able to fire them a million questions without feeling like I am annoying them. I think that has been a significant factor in helping me stick to this new healthy living lifestyle. I think if people were told the right information from the beginning – giving realistic expectations a lot more people would be able to live healthy lifestyles – I am just glad Mint has been able to do this for me.


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