Weigh In Time

Now I am on week five it was time to see if all my hard work had paid off. I had weighed myself earlier last week so I knew I hadn’t physically lost any weight but I didn’t know if I had lost any body fat, gained muscle, fitness levels improved…or what was going on. So I was really interested to see what was going on inside my body and why I hadn’t physically lost anything. This was done through a follow up nutrition appointment and a fitness assessment with Mike.


My nutrition appointment was yesterday afternoon with Jane, who works closely alongside Di whom I had my first nutrition appointment with. First things first were another BIA assessment (Bio Impedance Analysis), weighed and measure my waist. Both my weight and waist had no changes however I had lost .95kg and gained 0.90kg of muscle. I also dropped a whole year in biological age to 24 (which I’ll be in December). These results where kind of what I was expecting, even though I was hoping the results would have been more dramatic. My diet over the last month has definitely had an improvement however it is still not perfect. Jane told me over the next week to keep a detailed food dairy of everything I eat and drink so next week we can go through my entire diet and pinpoint what I need to change, what I am lacking etc.


The fitness assessment was with Mike late last week. Just like the nutrition appointment he started off by taking my measurements, a photo and putting a heart monitor on me. The assessment consisted of six different exercises and took about half an hour to complete – Sam talks about the exercises further in his post however I will say I found the ‘plank’ the hardest. This surprised me because the ‘plank’ is incorporated into my regular workout routine so I thought I would be able to hold it for a decent about of time. Having a fitness assessment every six weeks will pinpoint exactly how far I’ve come, what areas I am excelling in and what areas need more improvement. I like that Mint encourages this because it allows people to see their results in a measurable form instead of relying on memory….well for me at least.  I think it helps boost my motivation and gives a competitive aspect to it since I constantly want to bet myself and get a better result. I can see in time this will either be my best friend in the gym or become a nightmare and block me from achieving my goals…. Lets hope it’s the first of the two.

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