It Begins Now

Everybody dreams of hitting the ground running when changing lifestyle. That’s how the movies show it right? But the reality is that people want to see immediate results. It doesn’t work like that.

The first week started off with a meeting with Di to discuss the shortfalls of our diet, and a plan of attack for the future. She ran a variety of tests, which showed us where we were at. I’ve never had this before, it was an eye opener, which gave me a great starting point. M1nt insist upon this for everybody, nutrition is the basis for any great lifestyle, and to put it bluntly, we were far from ideal!

Next we had a personal training session with Mike. He gave us a work out program to get us started, which gave us a full body workout. He keeps it simple to start us off, hitting the major muscle groups but putting great emphasis on technique. I found it difficult to start with, but am getting into the routine, already trying to improve on it, it’s a learning curve. I found the chest press exceptionally difficult, but i’m confident that i’ll improve.

I’ve joined a touch rugby team, nothing too strenuous but something to keep me motivated and help me get fitter.

Changing my eating habits has been the hardest thing to do. I have never regulated what I eat. It’s not easy! More than anything i’m used to quick and easy food, but i’ve come to the realisation that I have to plan my meals in advance if I want any chance of success. As a chef I should find this easy. The first few days it seemed like I had to say no to everything I usually eat, but this has meant I have to think outside of the box, and think more towards what I should be eating, as opposed to what I can’t eat. In the weeks to come ill try and post some recipes as to what i’m eating, theres no reason why healthy can’t be delicious.

I’m confident that i’ve started off as positively as possible, even if it isn’t like the movies.


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