Roller-Coaster of Emotions

As the weeks go by, this new routine is taking me through a roller-coaster of emotions.

Initially I have the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing progress, the day dreaming toward the future as to what I could accomplish. But i also have a much more negative side that occasionally makes itself noticed.

This week the negativity comes in the form of a mystery illness, that couldn’t have come at a worse time! I’ve had a horrendous few nights sleep, and have felt lifeless and energyless since friday, yet still managed to visit the gym saturday(which made me feel worse).

I’ve a schedule this week that comprises of the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, outdoor 5 a side Football Tuesday, and touch rugby on Thursday. Thats a schedule thats enough to keep anybody busy.

In other news though, whatever it is that is wearing me down is having the opposite effect on my better half, Gabby. I think this is essential to success, when I’m down she’s a source of inspiration and drive, and when we’re both up we have a competitive yet can do attitude that will spur us on to achieve the unachievable.

I’m hoping whatever it is that has got me down passes more gracefully than it arrived, and that I make it back to strength and then some, I really need it.


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