Nutrition Update

In my head I still consider myself a newbie to the fitness world but after nearly two months I guess I am verging on the other side and becoming as they say a regular gym user. I’ve become comfortable with my regular gym sessions and don’t feel right if I haven’t been three times in a week.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have a follow up nutrition appointment with Jane to discuss my eating habits (I have been recording a daily food dairy) and see if I have made any progress over the last couple of weeks. Jane will be able to look at my food dairy and see if I am getting enough of everything I need – if not provide me with either supplements or tell me what I am lacking or having too much of. I had a big boozy night out this past Saturday so I have as feeling my BIA won’t be at its best this week. My intra/extra cellular water will be affected and my body will be more dehydrated than it normally is which I think will have a massive impact on my BIA this week. I also know that I haven’t been as good in the nutrition department as I should have been. I haven’t been eating any fast foods and I have cleaned up my eating habits a lot but I know there is still plenty of room for improvement. I no longer skip meals such as breakfast and make sure I have dinner before 7pm but I haven’t managed to stir away completely from carbs and sweats. Which I know are big no no’s when it comes to healthy eating. I also know I need to up my protein intake because I eat very little meat (maybe once a week if that I’ll have some chicken and a couple of times ill have some seafood). I will find out tomorrow what Jane suggests I do but my guess is that I will need to get some protein powder and to up my intake of beans and nuts etc. I also want to discuss with her about doing a detox, if it’s worth it and if so what one. Because after Saturday night I feel like it’s time to cleanse my body and do it before the madness of Christmas begins, since this time of year it’s all about socializing with friends and family, work functions, new year’s eve shenanigans etc and I want my beach body to be with me this year. I’ve got six weeks to do it.

Last week I was lucky enough to experience a 60 minute sports massage with Carol. I booked myself in for the morning after a heavy training season with Mike. She focused on my back, shoulders and neck. Not going to lie, it was not a relaxing massage by any stretch of the imagination. At times it was painful and thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressure any longer but I got through it. I found my upper arms the hardest to deal with which I suspect to be because of my training session the night before. I felt a bit dazed for the first half hour after the massage but after that my body felt amazing. . I felt my recovery time decreased from the massage and I have come to realize that my legs are always the ones that suffer the most the next day after a hard workout. So I would definitely like to try a sports massage next. I know it will be painful but it’s definitely worth it every minute.


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