Mental Battle

Now that I am stirring towards the end of week two it has become a mental battle between myself. My initial excitement has rubbed off and reality has kicked in, finding the energy and motivation at the end of the day has been a challenge.  Like I have said in my previous posts, in the past when I have joined up to other gyms I start off really strong and have a positive attitude. Generally after week two or three my motivation dies and the inedible ‘do it tomorrow’ scenario occurs. This time I have managed to rip myself away from the relaxation of my home and crawled my way to the gym. Surprisingly I have found going to the gym when I feel mentally drained has helped clear my mind and given me an extra boost of energy.

Having Mike take me through a personal trainer session once a week has been tough to say the least but exactly what I’ve needed – someone that pushes me to my limits and that little bit extra. I love the variety that each session with Mike has given me. Having new exercises so I am not getting bored of my routine but still having those old ones incorporated in so I can see how I am improving. When I am working out on my own throughout the week, I have been trying to push myself to do that little bit extra – one more chest press, hold a plank for a few a little bit longer, or increase my weight level for shoulder presses a few more kg. This week I have discovered overcoming that mental battle with myself has been truly rewarding. Seeing myself improve over the last few weeks has given me that motivation I have needed. It has been my determination and strong self-discipline that has pushed me through these last few weeks, which in time has given me my motivation has truly given me my rewards so far. I wonder what week three will have in store for me……

On another note this week has been exciting in the food department. Pure Café Co has finally opened its doors at 31 Birmingham Drive. I can finally satisfy my sweet tooth with one of their famously delicious protein balls for a post workout fix. Having this little treat to look forward to has really helped me push through my workout. This will definitely become a regular occurrence.

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