Keeping Things Fresh

Keeping things fresh, exciting and fun is the only way training is ever gonna be successful. Having a stale routine isn’t going to keep me interested in what I’m doing, and that’s gonna lead to failure.

Mike, at Mint, is completely aware of this, and before I had a chance to tell him that I’d started to get used to the routine set to us, he had some things to add! He added three exercises that made me sore for the whole weekend! It’d been so long since I used these muscles properly that I struggled, which has made me even more motivated to make good of my health. My biceps have felt it the worst. I thought I was strong already!

Now we have 7 exercises in our repertoire, that if done properly, should leave us out of breath for the duration of our visit to the gym, and feeling all the better for it afterwards. It is a whole body workout, so there isn’t a great emphasis on just cardio, because our heart rate is pumping for the whole workout, and if it isn’t, we’re not working hard enough! I’ve definitely benefited from having a personal trainer, especially through keeping the exercises progressive, and keeping us working hard. I think without it my work out would’ve lacked direction and purpose. I also feel that even when I’m not training with him, he’s watching me! This pushes me harder!

I found it strange not exercising for the 2 days over the weekend, but the rest to my arms, chest and back have done me a world of good, and set me up for a great work out on Monday.

The weeks off to a good start then, and I am feeling better as time passes by.


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