Hi my name is Gabriella – Gabby for short.

I am a typical 23-year-old female who has just finished a business degree. As a university student I generally ate whatever I wanted – frequently eating out, fast foods, packaged meals, plenty of sweets, soft drinks and of course coffee to get me through the long nights of finishing assignments.

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Hi I’m Sam,

Fitness has always been a bit of a grey area for me. As a child I was very active, always on my bike, never indoors. I played football, rugby, I even ran competitively. I spent a couple of years in the British territorial army, this kept me very active. But then I grew up, learnt to drive, that cut out riding my bike everywhere, and I got a job in the hospitality industry, which made me nocturnal, and introduced me to the wonderful world of bad habits and alcohol.

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