Gabby’s Before Photos and BIA Results

Before - Front On

Before – Front On

Before - Side On

Before – Side On

  • I currently weigh 72.8kg (dress size New Zealand 12)
  • My waist is 70cm
  • Fat mass is 29.10kg (difference from ideal is 13.7kg)
  • Current biological age is 25 – 2 years older than I actually am.
  • I am marginally dehydrated
  • My intracellular water %: extracellular water % is 51.80%:48.20% (it is meant to be 60%:40%)
  • I am 0.99% away from my ideal active tissue mass

It’s time to kick butt and turn my body into a lean mean fighting machine – or at least close to my optimal health levels.








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