Fitness Blues

As much as I don’t want to admit the long weekend got the better of me. Over the past six weeks I have been training at the gym three times a week without missing a single session. Now I painfully have to say I haven’t trained since Wednesday afternoon. When Friday afternoon rolled around all I could think of was sitting in the sun with a pint of cold cider instead of a sweaty session at the gym….and my thoughts became a reality because that’s exactly what I did. My lack of exercise become the theme for the long weekend and ended up missing my normal Monday session too. Now its Tuesday morning and the guilt has crept over me. I am scared that I have reversed back to square one with all my hard work wasted on a lazy long weekend. Will report back Thursday after my Wednesday workout to let you all know how it all went.

So yesterday ‘s workout was difficult but I mentally prepared myself for it, which I think in a way made it easier. I was able to do most of my weights like normal apart from the chest press which I was only able to just manage 3 reps of 10 instead of the normal 15 I do.  What surprised me was that I was able to increase my cardio by 10 minutes. I got thinking later on in the evening that if I could jump straight back into my regular workout with a weeks break I should make my routine more challenging. I want to continually push myself in my workouts and not get to a stage were I find it easy. I was talking to Mike earlier today and one of the first things he asked me was ‘how was my workout yesterday?’. He agreed with me and thought it was time to bring me up to the next level since I have become comfortable with my routine. I probably will hate myself next week for thinking this but its all in the name of an amazing body.

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