Feeling the Fitness Love

I have pushed through my mental battle and come through to the other side fighting. This week I have been much more determined to see results than previously. I have upped my game especially my last workout training. I managed to complete all three sets of 15reps for each of the seven different exercises Mike has layout out for me for the first time, which gave me a massive boost of encouragement.

A little hot tip Mike mentioned to me to continue progressing was to up the weight level as soon as I can complete all three sets of 15 reps in an exercise. This will insure I am continuously pushing myself to the next level, weather or not I am at the beginning stages or have been doing it for years. So in my next training session (which is tonight) I am going to up my weight levels for all seven exercises and see how I go.

Today I have been really excited and I am almost counting down the hours until tonight’s workout. This has really surprised me because I have done a complete 180 on myself from last weeks training. This time last week I was dreading my workout days and wanted time to fast forward over them or have some kind of amazing excuse not to do them, but I have pushed through them and I am so glad I did. They say it takes around six weeks to see results and get into a good exercise habit, I am only half way but I am already feeling the fitness love. I hope from here on out I will feel this way towards my new life of exercise and Mint goodness. We will see next week.



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