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Roller-Coaster of Emotions

As the weeks go by, this new routine is taking me through a roller-coaster of emotions. Initially I have the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing progress, the day dreaming toward the future as to what I could accomplish. But i also have a much more negative side that occasionally makes itself noticed. This week the […]

Keeping Things Fresh

Keeping things fresh, exciting and fun is the only way training is ever gonna be successful. Having a stale routine isn’t going to keep me interested in what I’m doing, and that’s gonna lead to failure. Mike, at Mint, is completely aware of this, and before I had a chance to tell him that I’d […]

Climbing Over the Wall

I think¬†on Wednesday, week two, I finally hit a wall. The buzz of being back “into it” had fizzled out, and I was on the verge of calling quits for the night and picking it up¬†tomorrow. This could’ve quite easily became a slippery slope. I was exhausted and stressed. An early start at work had […]

It Begins Now

Everybody dreams of hitting the ground running when changing lifestyle. That’s how the movies show it right? But the reality is that people want to see immediate results. It doesn’t work like that. The first week started off with a meeting with Di to discuss the shortfalls of our diet, and a plan of attack […]