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Nutrition Update

In my head I still consider myself a newbie to the fitness world but after nearly two months I guess I am verging on the other side and becoming as they say a regular gym user. I’ve become comfortable with my regular gym sessions and don’t feel right if I haven’t been three times in […]

Fitness Blues

As much as I don’t want to admit the long weekend got the better of me. Over the past six weeks I have been training at the gym three times a week without missing a single session. Now I painfully have to say I haven’t trained since Wednesday afternoon. When Friday afternoon rolled around all […]

Weigh In Time

Now I am on week five it was time to see if all my hard work had paid off. I had weighed myself earlier last week so I knew I hadn’t physically lost any weight but I didn’t know if I had lost any body fat, gained muscle, fitness levels improved…or what was going on. […]

Feeling the Fitness Love

I have pushed through my mental battle and come through to the other side fighting. This week I have been much more determined to see results than previously. I have upped my game especially my last workout training. I managed to complete all three sets of 15reps for each of the seven different exercises Mike […]

Mental Battle

Now that I am stirring towards the end of week two it has become a mental battle between myself. My initial excitement has rubbed off and reality has kicked in, finding the energy and motivation at the end of the day has been a challenge.  Like I have said in my previous posts, in the […]

The Beginning

Monday afternoon and the time had come to face the nutritionist. I knew I wasn’t the best eater in the world and I was going to have to completely change the way I ate. No more eating out, carb loading, or constantly satisfying my sweet tooth. It was time to treat my body like a […]

First Impressions Count

Sam and I met with Pat, one of Mints sales ladies from their new Birmingham Drive branch this morning. We wanted to see for ourselves if Mint was as fabulous as it sounded on their website ( We were greeted at the door with a warm welcoming grin and a tour around the facilities. It […]