1176274_10151693818338337_1538797023_nHi my name is Gabriella – Gabby for short.

I am a typical 23-year-old female who has just finished a business degree. As a university student I generally ate whatever I wanted  – frequently eating out, fast foods, packaged meals, plenty of sweets, soft drinks and of course coffee to get me through the long nights of finishing assignments. I would regularly skip breakfast and eat late dinners – which I hear is a nutritionist nightmare. I like to think of myself as a late bloomer to fitness (which I am still yet to start). That is not saying I haven’t tried, I am what you would call a marketers dream; I am easily persuaded into the latest diet fads and workout routines.  Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars not to mention time trying various methods to get healthy and fit from Bikram yoga, lemon detox diets, signing up to half marathons (which I never end up training for), Zumba, 30 day challenges – the list goes on. After awhile I lose interest and come up with some sort of  lame excuse not to continue – like I am to uncoordinated, I don’t like to sweat or its’s raining and I am sleeping in. Leaving myself feeling guilty and disappointed.

After having many lengthy discussions with my boyfriend Sam about how we are tried of this destructive cycle we constantly put ourselves through, always feeling guilty and ashamed we haven’t been able to change our habits once again. We’ve come to the conclusion that we both want to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. We want a lifestyle change not just another fad that we will end up losing the battle against once again. We want a program that will be designed specifically for our lifestyle, with professionals motivating and guiding us along the way. We didn’t want a stereotypical gym full of gym junkies were we are left feeling intimidated when we don’t know what we are doing and red in the face 5 minutes into our workout. We wanted a whole body experience with continuous follow-ups with professions to monitor our progress.

Once we identified exactly what we wanted we did a bit of research and stumbled upon a boutique style gym that ticked all the boxes. Mint Health & Fitness is designed as a whole body health and fitness centre. They have a team of personal trainers, massage therapists and clinical nutritionist who work together to maximise client results. We both loved that each Mint member is allocated a Mint Minder who guides you through the entire experience and will assist with any problems along the way. We decided that Mint Health & Fitness was exactly what we were looking for, and were ready to sign up and begin our journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This blog will take you through our journey in becoming fit and healthy with the help of Mint. Sam and I will share our experiences – with all the highs and lows that come with it, tips on how to become and stay fit, motivation boosts to keep you going and of course our progression.

I hope you enjoy.



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I’m Sam, Fitness has always been a bit of a grey area for me. As a child I was very active, always on my bike, never indoors. I played football, rugby, I even ran competitively. I  spent a couple of years in the British territorial army, this kept me very active. But then I grew up, learnt to drive, that cut out riding my bike everywhere, and I got a job in the hospitality industry, which made me nocturnal, and introduced me to the wonderful world of bad habits and alcohol. I’ve been on a downward spiral ever since. I think I’d probably put on 10kg before I noticed I’d let myself go, and never put in the right effort to change my ways, apart from the occasional health spree, which wouldn’t last long.

At this stage I’m at my worst, for the past year my main exercise has been some indoor football, of which I’ve always had a beer afterwards! I personally believe that chefs have the worst habits, and I’m no exception.

At this stage you may be wondering what’s gonna be different this time? What’s changed? Well up until recently I’ve been living in Auckland, and have moved down to Christchurch as part of a lifestyle change. A massive part of this is my personal fitness, or lack of it.

I’ve always been intimidated by the gym. That may sound daft, especially from somebody who has spent time in the armed forces, but I’ve found it quite awkward trying to fit in with people who are already at where I want to be. My competitive edge either comes out until I injure myself, or I hide away in the corner hoping nobody makes eye contact with me. As a general rule I work out anonymously, not making myself known to anybody there, until I eventually stop turning up.

I dream of being fitter, stronger and healthier, and am determined to get there this time. I feel like i’ve turned a new leaf, and that can only be a good thing, whos with me?